Assignment 4

The annotated video I chose was “World building physics” by a Critical Commons Manager (author). The theme the author is trying to convey is how the movie “Inception” is a paradigm for a relatable, shared interface, particularily with the first half of the movie which deals with the destruction, creation, and visualization of physical structures. However, the author could be a little more persuasive in their argument by providing specific examples from the movie and real life to support their argument. Upon seeing the author’s other posts, they vary from random snippets from movies that date back anywhere between 10-50 years, music videos, and cartoon shorts. 

In regard to whether or not I think the author has the right to post the 5 minute raw clip ripped from the movie Inception, I do think that there must be some sort of copyright on the movie and all of the individual scenes given how big of a motion picture Inception was.



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